Stages in Mastering a Computer Quickly

In learning to master computers there are several stages that must be done to be able to learn computers quickly. What are the stages? Here's the review.

Getting to know Computer Hardware
In learning computers, in addition to the above steps mentioned that you can do is it's good if you go further to learn computer science, the thing you need to learn is to get to know a variety of computer devices and their main functions, such as how to turn them on, use and turn them off. This is very necessary so that later you are not confused to start operating the computer devices.

Practice To Type With Ten Fingers
Then the next step you have to do is, learn and train yourself to get used to typing with ten fingers. Because many of the people who want to learn computers but are lazy to practice typing 10 fingers, especially for beginners who are obviously just learning to master the computer.

Because, most of them just want to be quick but lazy to practice and hone their skills in using a computer, even though practising typing 10 fingers is also the basic capital that you need to master, in order to continue to the next learning process. By practising to be able to type 10 fingers, then we can facilitate the process of learning the next stage of computer learning. So make sure this stage you learn especially for beginners.

Understanding Shortcut Keys – Shortcut Keys In General
As a beginner, what you also need to understand are shortcut keys that are often used by computer users, the function of shortcut keys (shortcuts) is to help to speed up the work process without having to click the mouse. So just by pressing a combination of several keyboard keys, then your activity will be faster learning the computer to learn how to master the computer well here are shortcut keys that you need to remember.

Learn By Using Office Applications
The next stage that you must do as a beginner in learning how to master a computer is to learn to use office applications. There are several applications in office applications including word processor applications, spreadsheets, presentations and many others. In this stage, you must focus on choosing one office first before you will master all other office applications later.

And it is recommended for those of you who are beginners to learn Office Word applications first because Ms. Word is one of the easiest applications to learn first. You can use MS. Word software is starting the learning stage at this stage, and if you are really mastered you can continue learning the application Ms. Excel (Spreadsheet) and Ms. Power Point (Presentation) for the next.

Learn to Use the Operating System
Then the next stage for how to learn how to master a computer quickly is to learn to use the computer operating system. There are various operating systems that you can learn from Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. However, the operating system commonly used for novice computer users is the Windows operating system.

In this stage what you need to learn more is where you know how to turn it off, how to restart and how to standby the computer. Then you can continue learning how to open and close computer programs, and also understand file storage, understand the functions of folders and directories and learn to use windows explorer to find and open files.

Learn to Access the Internet
Once you understand the above stages it is time for you to learn how to continue to learn how to use the internet. At the stage of learning how to master this computer, you will be required to be able to understand and use browser applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. Then you will also be required to be able to open a website address, understand the link address, do a search on the search engine site, download, create an email account, stream video and many others.

Yes, those are some of the stages that you can do to learn to master the computer quickly for those of you who are beginners. In the next article, we will discuss Learning Programming For Beginners Faster, I forget to continue to visit my site and share this article on your social media, thank you.

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