How To Find Out Windows Files On Your PC Are Damaged

Windows Files on Pc Are Corrupted, If we install Windows, whether it's Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or Windows 10, then automatically the installation process will produce thousands of files on your Windows. If you want to know what files are stored, then you can see them on local disk C. And you need to know, that the files stored on local disk C are vulnerable to damage, it could be due to viruses or other factors. Therefore Windows provides tools to repair themselves automatically. But you also need to know that each type of Windows has its own file characteristics, so the tools and ways to improve the Windows system are different. Well, startup repair is a tool that fixes if there are files on Windows 7 that are damaged.

The Cause of Startup Repair Is a PC or Laptop Often Dies Suddenly
When working with a PC or laptop, you may often experience a PC or laptop dying suddenly. Whether it's because it's out of battery or because it's out of power and you're not using an energy storage battery on a PC or laptop. Pc or laptop events that often die suddenly can cause certain files on Windows to be damaged.

If the files on Windows are damaged, then it is likely that there will be two things, first the PC or laptop can be in safe mode and the second will appear startup repair in the view of your PC or laptop. In the condition of damage that is still normal and startup repair can repair the damage automatically, then all we need to do is wait until our PC or laptop returns to normal. The waiting process can take 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the damage.

Well, so that your PC or laptop avoids even more fatal damage, then you need to pay attention to the health of your laptop battery. Make sure the battery is not completely empty. If the battery is only 20% more, then you should immediately charge the battery again. That way your laptop avoids sudden death.

But, if you do not allow to charge the battery, due to busyness or because you are outside the house or office, then you should turn off your laptop in accordance with the correct rules of turning off the laptop. By doing this way, your laptop battery will last, and your laptop will avoid damage.

1. File Location on Windows Changed
Where Windows files are located on local disk C, you never move them elsewhere, duplicate or change the folder. Why can't we do it? This is because the transfer of Windows files will cause damage to the file, as well as when you delete one of the Windows files. If any Windows files are corrupted, the Windows system will not run normally.

Now you know, right? Anything that causes your laptop or PC to experience startup repair. The point is to keep the authenticity of the installation files from your Windows and keep your laptop from dying suddenly. But if the Windows on your laptop is already damaged and cannot be repaired by startup repair, then you need to install a new Windows.

2. Overcoming Startup Repair Failed Boot
We need to remember that startup repair is a recovery tool on Windows 7 that serves to repair Windows systems. However, during the repair process, startup repair is not always successful, sometimes startup repair experienced the name failed to boot.

Boot failure is a condition where Windows pages cannot be displayed, so we cannot operate our PC or laptop. So, what should we do if startup repair fails to boot? Usually if the laptop fails to boot, then on the screen you will appear the words "Startup repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem".

3. Turn Off and Turn On The Laptop Again
When startup repair fails to boot, then one way that can be done is to turn off and restart your laptop. This method can work effectively if the problem of failing to boot is only a momentary error or arguably a coincidence.

How can we know if a boot failure occurs due to a momentary error? This we can only find the answer to after we try to turn off the laptop and turn it back on. To put it simply, you can simply restart on your laptop.

But the question is, how to turn off the laptop if it fails to boot? Because at the time of boot failure we can not go to the shut down menu on Windows. Well, if you experience a failed boot and you want to turn off your laptop, then you can do the stages as below.

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