how to fix a slow laptop

A slow laptop is certainly very disturbing productivity. Especially for jobs that are already tight with deadlines. Of course, this makes the brain heat up, the blood boils, and it feels like Blue glue “Just throw it, buy a new one”. If your laptop is old, maybe it's time for you to apply blue glue, but don't really throw it, honey! Just sell it.

Buying a new laptop with mid to high-end specifications is certainly a very easy and very simple way to solve the problem of disrupted productivity due to a slow laptop.

However, not everyone can buy a laptop whenever he wants, because laptops are not cheap goods and certainly many are constrained by the budget they have. So that's the purpose of this article One Tekno wrote to help you solve the slow laptop problem without the need to spend a lot of money because the following methods can be done easily even though you are not an expert.

Slow Laptop Why Yes? This is the reason why the laptop is slow!
Previously you had to know first what made the laptop slow. The causes of a slow laptop vary, here are some causes of a slow laptop:

1. Laptop Age Is Old
Like humans, the older the performance will decrease. Also because old laptops have low specs. This affects the performance of the laptop. When you install the latest application, it will definitely be slow and even not respond.

I am a slow laptop user because of my old age. My Asus laptop was released in 2010, I was forced to install the latest Inkscape application but it often crashes and is not responding. So I decided to install the old version of the application.

2. Still Using Hard Drive
Currently, there are many data storage technologies that are better in terms of processing speed than hard drives. Try migrating to an SSD be it SATA or better yet an NVme SSD.

3. Outdated Hard Drive
The longer the age of the hard drive, its performance can decrease in terms of reading/write speed. This could be the cause of your laptop being slow.

4. Almost Full Disk Space
Almost full storage can slow down your laptop's performance, this is because of the large number of files on the disk which makes the processor take a long time to read all the files on it.

5. Windows Junk Never Gets Cleaned
In Windows, there are trash folders namely Recycle Bin, Temp, and Prefetch. If you don't clean it regularly, it will accumulate and hamper the performance of the laptop.

How To Make Your Laptop Not Slow Anymore
After you have done everything that can make your laptop slow, now we go to the solution to overcome a slow laptop.

1. Try Clearing Windows Junk
Every process carried out on a laptop will leave garbage that can accumulate after being used for a long time. The amount of garbage can have an impact on the performance of the laptop, the laptop's performance will be reduced and slow. Try to regularly clean the trash on your Windows so that the laptop's performance remains optimal.

First, check the Recycle Bin and delete all the files in it. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + A then pressing the Delete key and then clicking Yes.

You can also Right Click > "Empty Recycle Bin" > Select Yes.

Next, you can delete the trash in the Temp and Prefetch folders.

Steps to clean laptop trash:

  • Press the combination windows key + R
  • Type temp then Enter
  • If a new window appears, select Continue
  • After entering the Temp folder, press Ctrl+A then Shift+Delete to delete it permanently

  • Do the same for %temp% and prefetch

Also check the Recycle Bin, maybe a lot of files are still stored there. Then you can do a Disk Clean Up.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Too many applications can cause your laptop to slow down. This is because the application requires storage space. If too many are installed, your hard drive will be full and slow down the laptop's performance.

To uninstall the application, you can go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Right-click on the application > Uninstall.

thank you for visiting and reading my site, please visit this link for a continuation of the article on how to deal with a slow laptop, hopefully it will be useful.

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